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Dwenjang - Size 500g

Image of Dwenjang - Size 500g


Dwenjang is a traditional bean paste that is fermented from soybeans which has been a fixture of the Korean diet for centuries. Dwenjang can be also used to make stews such as a dwenjang chigae, or as a component in miso like soups. It is widely included in ssangchu (red lettuce leaf) while eating Korean meat dishes such as galbi, bulgogi, or samgyupsal. To see visual illustrations, click here.

It is similar in texture and consistency to Greek hummus and it can be eaten in raw paste form by using it as a dip when eating vegetables, similar to the way Westerners dip celery sticks into peanut butter.

Dwenjang is high in flavonoids and other beneficial vitamins, minerals, and hormones which are thought to be anti-carcinogens and also known to contain high quality proteins in the form of amino acid which can aide with digestion.

Container size: 500g