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Earthenware Pot With Lid (Ddukbaegi)

Image of Earthenware Pot With Lid (Ddukbaegi)


Ddukbaegi is an glazed earthenware pot used to cook or serve stew, casserole or soup in Korean cuisine. It is commonly used to make bibimbop which is a popular Korean mixed rice dish consisting of steamed rice, vegetables, and meat (optional). Popular stew or soup dishes which are commonly made using this cookware are dwenjang chigae, alchigae, maeuntang, jogaetang and much more.

Cookware serving size: 3-4
Diameter: 7 inches

Care: Avoid dishwasher but place water inside bowl over some period to loosen pieces of food that may stick to pot during cooking. Feel free to use dish washing soap, rinse, wipe with cloth or paper towel and finally dry to care after usage.